Avondale Estates Project

Project Overview

As a class project for History 7040: Public History, I along with other students are creating a historic interpretative plan for the city of Avondale Estates, located in Delkab County, GA. This project consists of several groups


Below are portions of the project that I’m involved with, some of which i’m either leading or helping out with.

Archival Assessment

  • Initial Visit and Assessments (Completed)
  • Collection Level Inventories (In Progress)
  • Researching information about pricing, costs, etc (In Progress)
  • Completing Processing Plans for collections. (Not Started)

Community Survey

  • Initial One Question Survey
    • Survey Created (Completed)
    • Survey Delivered at one event: Art Walk (Complete)
    • Coding of Survey Results (In Progress)
  • Online Survey
    • Survey created and reviewed (Completed)
    • Cards Created (Completed
    • Distribute Survey
      • Cards in Local Businesses (In Progress)
      • Survey Posted on Next Door (In Progress)
      • Survey Emailed to City Residents (In Progress)
      • Cards in City Hall (In Progress)


Project Overview

I oversaw the digitization, managed the description, oversaw student works, and curation of Georgia College’s Yearbooks. The Spectrums are now available online. Thanks to the help of several undergraduate students for doing all the grunt work.


  • Digitization of Spectrums (100 %)
  • Metadata creation and check (100 %)
  • Upload and presentation (100 %)